Why Choose Us

Rubber Flooring, Dog Daycare flooring and Turf are not impulse items. You would never come across an ad and suddenly think, “Hey! Yeah, I definitely needed 2,000 square feet of Dog Daycare flooring!” If you are looking at our website, you more than likely have a need for Dog Daycare flooring. Common places include your gym, school, university, CrossFit Box, Doggy Daycare, animal care facility, home gym, hotel or YMCA.

In your search, you will find several companies to choose from. This means finding the one company you can trust and knowing that they will be around for many years to come can be a daunting task. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit our site! Here are some of the main reasons why choosing us is the best decision for your specialty Dog Daycare flooring needs.

Our Belief

We do not look at it as just work. We are excited about our company and we have a high level of pride in the flooring solutions that we offer. We hold every project and every square foot of material that we deliver to a high standard. We are not satisfied providing mediocre, low quality material or service to our customers. We believe in the stewardship model, not only in our products, but in our staff and especially our customers.


Our Attitude

We are seasoned flooring professionals and the customer always comes first. We will never compromise or promote anything that we do not believe in just to make a quick buck. We will never sell a product that we do not believe in and would not use ourselves. If it is not good enough for us, it certainly is not good enough for our customers. This is a very interesting and sometimes difficult attitude for a company to take.

As an illustration, we get a lot of requests for our flooring to be used in an application that is not right for the material. Many times, after we tell the customer that the material should not be used in the application, they will disagree with us and insist that they think it will work fine. It is funny how the more we tell them the material will not work in their application, the more they want it. We could go ahead and make the sale and ship the material, but we 100% refuse to do that. With our many years of experience, we know what you can do and what you can’t do with our Dog Daycare flooring and we stick with what is right.



From our many years of experience, we can make finding the right flooring system easy for our customers. From discussing sub-floor conditions and preparation including moisture remediation, concrete leveling and/or proper methods of patching, to designing layouts of the material, blueprint takeoffs and minimizing waste, we can handle it all!

We know the best methods of delivery and after the material is installed, we can work with our customers on the best methods of properly maintaining their investment. There are very few questions we have not already experienced in the Dog Daycare flooring world so we are able to be a reliable source for any flooring challenge our customers experience.



We spend a lot of time talking about our quality and we believe in maintaining the highest level
of quality possible. Sure, a lot of this type of flooring may look the same at first, but just install
it in a busy gym, school or YMCA. Then fast-forward 1 to 2 years and you will be able to definitely tell the difference between a quality floor and a low quality floor. For example, some of the material looks very good at first. The key words here are AT FIRST. Install the floor and give it some heavy use. Many of the other recycled rubber floors will start to crumble and disintegrate. We could make more profit using some of these lower cost materials but if we did, we would not have customers coming back to us to purchase more in 2 to 10 years.

We have many customers return and purchase more for a new location or expansion. We have gym customers that have started with us by buying a small amount for their garage gym and have come back to us 4 or 5 times as their business grows and they keep moving and expanding. If we sold the lower quality material, we would never have the many return customers we have. If we can’t sell quality that lasts, we won’t sell anything.



We are here for our customers. We can work step by step with new buyers to answer all of
their questions and/or work deeply with seasoned buyers and large gym owners to make sure
everything goes right and is very easy. From time to time, there are challenges that are beyond our control such as shipping issues during severe winter storms, missed delivery or shipping damage. Fortunately, the vast majority of our deliveries go smoothly.

When there is a problem, we are very committed to good communication with our customer and a rapid, aggressive response to fix any problem that occurs. Our commitment is to out-service our competitors and make sure the entire process goes smoothly. From email notifications of your ship date and delivery date, to answering any installation or maintenance questions, we are available to our customers. We will never sell material without as much follow up as necessary.

So let’s get started.

No matter which of our different specialty floors that you are looking for, simply fill out the contact form and or call us and be ready to ask as many questions as you would like. We have been doing this for many years and just like anything else, once you have done something for a
long time, it’s easy to provide knowledgeable help and assistance and we love doing it.

We look forward to working with you for many years to come and add you to our very long list
of satisfied customers. Give us a call today and see just how easy it is to work with us.

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