Sound and Vibration Reduction

Many gyms open without looking into or addressing the possibility of sound and vibration problems that affect the neighbors immediately connected to the gym. Unfortunately we have seen this many times over our years of supplying Dog Daycare flooring. We have also witnessed many gym owners being sued by neighbors or adjoining businesses.

We have also watched several gyms as they had to shut down and move locations because of legal action against them from their neighbors or even the city. If your gym is a stand-alone building without any connected neighbors, then you are very fortunate and will not have to worry about neighbors complaining. You should still be aware of and look into sound reduction before you open your gym.

Noise complaints from loud music being played in the gym are much easier to deal with compared to noise and vibration complaints from dropped weights, cardio equipment and especially Olympic lifting. First of all, if your neighbor complains about your music, you can
simply turn the sound system down and start looking into soundproofing your walls and your ceiling. There are many products that are readily available in the market that can be used to reduce sound, such as music through the walls. A quick internet search will come up with many products and companies that can be consulted with in order to reduce music from bothering your neighbors. A great method too is, once again, just simply turning down the music.

Sound and vibration complaints from dropped dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells can be a much harder problem to solve depending on the way your building was constructed. There are many construction factors that come into play that will determine if your space will transmit
sound and vibration to neighbors including the way your concrete is laid out and poured, the type of ceiling you have and if you are on a floor other than the ground floor, the floor -ceiling combination will determine if you will have sound and vibration problems. We have worked with buildings that transmitted every dropped weight to the neighbors and have worked with buildings that were built better and no sound or vibration goes through to the neighbors.

Unfortunately very few gym owners take the time to test and see if there will be a sound and vibration problem from dropped weights before the lease is signed. A lot of work goes into finding the right location at the right price so it is very easy to understand why very few gym owners take the time to look into the possibility of noise problems once their gym is opened. Almost all of the calls that we get are from existing established gyms that are having a problem with complaining neighbors. Many times we are called when the problem has hit the Crisis mode and the problem has reached the point where there is a legal case pending or the city or landlord is threatening to shut the gym down.

The problem of complaining neighbors really took off as CrossFit and functional training started to grow. We can talk for hours about the many CrossFit and functional training gyms that we have worked with over the years and we have experienced gyms where it was very easy to solve the problem and we have experienced gyms that there was unfortunately no way to solve the problem.

Sound and vibration problems from dropped weights are not just limited to Crossfit and functional training. We have also worked with many large gym chains that have had problems and have been involved with law suits. It does not matter if the gym is small or very large, neighbors that are having their business interrupted by the thud and vibration of dropped weights can create huge problems for gym owners.

If you are a gym owner or manager and are having sound and vibration problems, what options are available to you to reduce or eliminate this problem.

To start, give us a call and one of our experienced staff will ask you some questions and then work on putting together a plan and some  options to reduce the noise problem. We start by getting to know more about your situation and we do a quick assessment over the phone. We learn more about your business and we then prepare some options that the gym owner can test.

Unfortunately there is not a “One Size Fits All” solution since every building is different so each gyms sound and vibration has to dealt with on an individual basis. As we mentioned earlier, some of these problems are very easy and inexpensive to fix and some can be very difficult,
expensive and costly to fix. We have witnessed first-hand several gyms that due to a combination of the buildings construction and  complaining neighbors that we were not able to remedy the problem and the gym has had to move. We don’t bring this up to scare you but gym sound and vibration problems can be very easy or very hard to fix.

After we have completed our phone interview with the owner we can either recommend a sound engineer to come in to work toward a solution or we can send out a sound and vibration kit with several different underlayments and pads that can be tested by the gym owner on site. We will walk you through the testing process and within a short period of time the gym owner will be able to determine how easy or how challenging it will be to fix the problem.

We are not sound engineers so we can only make recommendations but our many years of experience has given us a lot of experience and we know and have the products that can be tested to determine if the problem can be fixed. We have an extensive track record of helping gyms with sound and vibration problems so If your back is against the wall and your neighbors and or the city or landlord is giving you grief, give us a call and we will be happy to see if we can help.

Consultations are free with zero obligations, so give us a call today!