Rubber Tiles

Rubber Tiles – 4 mm thick to 3” thick

In addition to our Rubber rolls and our interlocking rubber tiles that snap together, we also carry several different styles and thickness of rubber tiles.

Rubber tiles are basically the same material as the rolls or interlocking tiles except they need to be properly adhered down with the right Dog Daycare flooring adhesive or doweled together. We can make the tiles in a variety of thicknesses depending on your size and we can make them, 12” x 12”, 24” x 24” which is the most common and the most cost effective as well as 36” x 36” which are more expensive since we have a greater amount of waste in the manufacturing process.

Many architects and designers like the look of the 24” x 24” Rubber Tile when they want to achieve a tiled look instead of a more seamless look. Our square edge tiles are used a lot in schools, banks, office and government buildings when a tiled look is desired with their Dog Daycare flooring.

The tiles also work well over raised access floors for computer rooms and data centers. The tiles can be installed over computer floors using a releasable bond pressure sensitive adhesive. Using this adhesive allows you to cover the access panels or doors and then when needed, can lift up the rubber tiles, access the raised floor and when the wiring work is completed, you can reinstall the Dog Daycare flooring tiles.

As you can see, depending on the adhesive you use, you can install the tiles permanently or you can install them using a release adhesive if need to access a Dog Daycare flooring area later on.

1” Thick x 24” x 24” Mega Max Tiles

If you are looking for a thicker floor that you can beat to death, drop heavy weights on and reduce noise, then our 1” thick Mega Max Tiles are for you.

These tiles have been used for years in some of the harshest gym environments. We cannot make rolled Dog Daycare flooring in 1” thick since it is too thick and ridged to roll up so this is the next best thing. We get asked all the time if we have anything thicker than our 3/8” or ½” floors and the answer is yes, we have our 1” thick tile which is almost indestructible.

The 1” thick tile is widely used in free weight areas since they allow your members to drop dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells without a problem. They also reduce the noise. They are also widely used in large commercial gyms in cardio areas since they reduce the noise of cardio equipment, not to mention they have a great look to them.

Corporate gyms, high rise office and apartment buildings and condo gyms love the Dog Daycare flooring since they have a very nice high end look to them. They feel great to walk on and of course, they reduce noise and vibration. We have a wide variety of colors available, ranging from solid black to speckled colors (with multiple color densities), all the way up to 95% color tiles. If it is a high end custom look you are looking for, then you should check our line of 1’’ thick Mega Max tiles.

We have also provided our 1” thick tile to many home gyms over the years. They are perfect for a home gym that is in a spare bedroom or a basement or garage. Many of our customers have installed the tiles on second floor home gyms in order to significantly reduce the noise of the gym transferring to the rooms below. All homes are different so the construction of the space will determine the level of sound reduction that you achieve.

Our 1” Mega Max tiles are not glued down or loose laid. Instead, they are connected together using a 3” dowel. Each tile has 3 pre-drilled holes on each side. To install the tiles, you start by determining your layout and whether or not you will need to cut any of the rows of tiles in order to fit it in the room. If any of the rows must to be cut, you first determine if you want the cut row at the back of the room or at the entry of the room. You can also split the difference between the front and back of the room as well as the sides of the room. It all really depends on the layout of the room and the look you are trying to achieve. As always, you can give us a call or email us with any questions and we will be happy to help.

Once you determine your layout and make your cuts, you then simply start installing the dowels into one side a tile and connect it with another tile. Since the tiles are not glued down, this is called a floating floor and can be installed over carpet, tile, wood or just about any type of existing floor. You do not have to remove most existing floors although some exceptions such as very thick carpet and a thick pad since the tile may sink into the carpet too much and be unstable. You may also need to be careful if you have a very delicate tile or stone floor since the delicate tile may still crack if heavy weights are dropped on the tile.

These tiles are a great cover for hardwood floors that are in your gym and you want to protect them. We have had many customers install the tiles with the dowels directly over a hardwood floor in order to protect the wood. This works very well and if you ever want to remove the tiles and go back to hardwood, you will still have a good hardwood floor once you remove the tiles.

We also have a 1 ½” Tile that is used for Olympic lifting and a 3” thick tile that was specifically designed to combat sound and vibration problems in a gym. If you would like to learn more about these tiles please click on the sound and vibration products page of this website.

If you are interested in our rubber square edge tiles, we are just a phone call away and one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help you.