Rubber Flooring Rolls

Recycled Dog Daycare Flooring Rolls

We get asked a lot by customers about which is the best flooring product for their gym, CrossFit, doggy daycare, High School weight or home gym. So let’s talk a little bit about recycled rubber floors first. They are used by thousands of gyms across the country including…commercial and franchise gym chains, home gyms, schools and university weight rooms, recreation centers, CrossFit and functional training facilities, physical therapy, churches, personal training as well as being widely used by veterinarian clinics, doggy daycare and animal care facilities.

They were originally developed in the 1980’s to meet a need for a quality gym flooring which was clean and durable and would last. Before the rubber rolls were invented, everyone was using in their gyms the 4’ x 6’ animal stall mats which did not smell good and in fact they stunk. They also created a floor that had a lot of seams and the seams would get filled with dirt and debris. The stall mats did not make the gym look very nice due the many seams and the rough surface. Stall mats were originally designed to be used in barns and animal stalls for cows and horses to stand. They were very durable but dirty with a strong rubber smell. At the time it was the best thing available.

When the rolls were made, this brought in a whole new dimension to the gym world for a clean and much better looking, easy to clean, with much less seams flooring that was very functional and worked well and would last.

The Dog Daycare flooring rolls are made by grinding used tires into many different sized pieces of rubber. Multiple cleaning processes are then implemented which removes any dirt and odor. Many different sized small crumbs of rubber, including some fine rubber dust, are then mixed in a large cylinder and polymer binders are added and mixed, very much like the mixing of cement. The density and durability of the rubber is dependent on the quality of the polymer binders and the total amount of rubber that’s actually added to the cylinder. This creates the possibility of making many different densities and durable options of rubber.

A high performing Dog Daycare flooring roll will be denser and the crumbled rubber will stay together better when quality binders are added and more rubber is added as well. Costs can be cut significantly by putting in less rubber and cheaper binders, which is how lower quality rubber is made.

The surface of the rubber also depends on how much rubber we add during the manufacturing process. If you add less rubber crumb ,you’ll have a less dense material and a rougher surface. Adding the proper amount is critical in achieving a high quality, smooth surface floor. For example, you can make a half inch thick roll Dog Daycare flooring that can be very dense, will last for years and have a smooth surface. You can also make a half inch thick roll with less rubber and a lower cost binder, and you will have less dense flooring with a rough surface that will not last and will start to crumble much sooner than a highly dense rubber roll made with a good proper binder.

There are many different types of Dog Daycare flooring rolls on the market and there is a huge difference in quality. Even though they may look somewhat the same. If you go on the internet you’re going to find that most resellers of Dog Daycare flooring will say that it is all the same, but there is a huge difference in quality. For example, the descriptions of some of the imported rubber may sound good, it may say it is a half inch or maybe three eighths thick, but will it last? That’s the big question and many of the import rubber floors can be very low quality and you do not really know what you are getting. It all really depends on how well it’s made and how well it’s made will determine how long it will last.

We carry Dog Daycare flooring rolls in multiple thicknesses and in over 30 colors, ranging in color from solid black to high-density colors. We can also make custom colors to match your gym or school’s color. Minimum quantities apply.

Depending on how you will use your floor and the condition of your subfloor will determine the thickness you will need. If you have a perfect subfloor and the area you are using the flooring in will get light use, you can use the thinner material. If the floor will be heavily used and you plan on dropping weights, you should go with a thicker floor. The color is all up to you. All of our colors will perform the same on the flooring, so depending on the look you want to achieve and depending on your budget will determine which color will be right for you.

Solid black is the lowest cost flooring since it is 100% recycled rubber, and the more color we add to the rubber, the higher cost. Solid black is a little bit harder to keep clean since it does show the dirt more. Have you ever owned a black car? They look great but they do take maintenance since a black car will show more dirt.

Installation can be done as a DIY project or it can also be performed by a professional contractor. There are basically three ways to install. The first method, loose lay, is when the flooring is just rolled out, cut to fit, and it is not secured down in any way. This is great for temporary installations or a temporary location, or if you’re having an event or competition and you want to take the rolls up after the event. Loose laid rubber rolls will work, but over time the flooring will shift around. We do not recommend this installation method for busy commercial locations.

All rubber, no matter who manufactures it, will expand and contract with heat variations if it is not secured in some way. In the winter, it might contract and in the heat of the summer, it will expand. We do have a lot of customers who will loose lay their floor, but the buyer must know that the flooring can move.

Number two is the tape down method using double-sided flooring tape. A lot of our functional training facilities and smaller gyms will tape down the flooring. This is done by laying out the flooring, letting it acclimate to the room, making your trims, and then dropping a double-side very aggressive flooring tape underneath the seams and the perimeter. We’ve had great success with this…but overtime, there can still be some movement. Also if you mop the floor too heavily, the water can get between the seams and over time can release the tape. With high temperatures, if the gym is not climate-controlled, you can get bubbles which will usually go away once the temperature drops.

The third method is recommended for all commercial institutions, commercial gyms, for schools, for YMCAs or any location that’s going to have a large amount of public use. This method is the glue-down method using a full spread of the proper-approved adhesive. This one’s a little more difficult and should be done by a professional, or if you are handy and think you can do it, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out. Once a rubber floor is properly glued down, it will not move.

Please remember that rubber is not all the same. There is a huge difference in manufacturing quality and how the rubber is made. The quality in material will determine the longevity of the flooring, the ease of cleaning the floor, and how it will look over time.

If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our experienced flooring consultants can answer all of your questions and will be happy to help walk you through any installation process or even help you find installers in your local area, so give us a call today.