At Dog Daycare flooring Depot, we offer complete Dog Daycare flooring and turf solutions throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico and South America. Please review our products listing below and contact us if you have any questions or would like a no obligation quote.

Dog Daycare Flooring Rolls

Our Dog Daycare flooring rolls come in a variety of thickness ranging from 5/32”(4mm) to ½”thick (12mm) and several sizes in-between. Our rolls are 4’ wide and the standard roll lengths are 25’ and 50’ long. We can custom cut the length if the rolls are shipped from our East Coast plant. Our California warehouse carries 25’ and 50’ rolls.

Our rolls have what is considered to be the best surface in the industry and are very dense and extremely durable. We have installations that have had the rubber for 20 years and the floors still look great. The rolled Dog Daycare flooring when installed correctly will create a very seamless look and can be installed 3 ways which include using adhesive, double sided flooring tape or loose laying. We have 26 colors available and can make just about any custom color that you would like with a 3000 sq ft minimum. Please see our resource center for more information on our rubber rolls installation methods.

Rubber Interlocking Tiles

Our Interlocking Rubber Tiles come in 3/8” thick, are 24” x 24’’ wide and are made from the same commercial quality material that we make the rolled rubber from. We have border tiles, corner tiles and center tiles so you can create just about any size you would like using the 3 types of tiles. The tiles can be installed in the middle of a room, which is what we call an area rug layout, or they can be installed wall to wall to cover and entire room. The tiles are designed to be installed without adhesive and a great option if you want to move locations and take the tiles with you. They are the perfect option for a DIY project. Our interlocking tabs are the tightest in the industry and when the tiles are snapped together the seam becomes virtually invisible so you do not see the individual tiles. We have 10 stock colors that are ready to ship and can also make custom colors.

Rubber Square Edge Tiles

We also carry 3/8” thick tiles without the interlocking tabs. The square edge tiles are adhered to the concrete using moisture cured urethane adhesive. They are used widely in commercial buildings and schools. These tiles are very durable and once they are installed can be machine scrubbed and maintained for many years. They will hold up very well in heavy traffic areas. All 26 of our colors can be made into our interlocking tiles.

1” Thick Beast Tiles

Our 1” thick, 24” x 24” Beast Tile is just that. It is a beast and will hold up to any giant animal in the gym. They work great in free weight areas and have a very high level of durability and the highest level of wear resistance available. Not only are they tough, they also look great as well. The tiles have a slight bevel on the edges which gives a very nice high end tile look when they are installed. Installation does not require any adhesive since a 3” long dowel is used to connect the tiles together. The tiles come with 3 factory molded dowel holes on each side which makes putting the tiles together easy. The Beast Tile can be installed over just about any subfloor and can also be used over existing carpet or stone tile. They can also be taken up and moved to a new location very easily since they are doweled and not glued down.

Custom Weight Room Flooring With Inlaid Platforms

In the past, high schools and university strength and conditioning floors were stall mats with raised lifting platforms. Today, we are inlaying the lifting platform directly into floor which does away with the raised platform. We can install the lifting platform in the floor from 3/8” thick to 1” thick which is a very tough platform and will hold up to the heaviest lifting. We can add logos, school colors and lettering to the platforms too.

Artificial Grass Turf

Many gyms today are including a section of turf for functional training, boot camps, group exercise classes and pushing sleds. There are over 200 different types of turf on the market ranging from landscape turf, football and soccer field turf, golf and putting turf, indoor fitness turf and many more. After many years of supplying turf we have perfected an indoor/outdoor fitness turf that is tough enough for sled pushing and flipping tires yet is still comfortable enough to lay on. Our fitness turf has a 5/8” pile with a built in ¼” pad and will match up nicely to our 3/8” or ½” thick Dog Daycare flooring.

The turf is available in green, black, blue, red, white, orange and gray and can be installed just with a solid turf color or we can factory sew in lines, logos, hash marks and yard line numbers which makes the turf look incredible. You can also paint lines and hash marks on the turf as well.

Most of the regular turf that you would find at your local home improvement store would never hold up to repeatedly pushing sleds of flipping tires. Our turf was specially designed to be able to withstand high levels of punishment yet still be comfortable to the touch.

Dog Daycare Flooring Underlayments

We carry a wide variety of sound and vibration reducing rubber underlayments. Our products are high performance acoustic underlayments specifically designed to reduce impact transmission noise caused by people and pets walking. Our product line comes in 3mm thick all the way up to 20mm. They can be used under ceramic tile and stone, floated-engineered hardwood, glued down hardwood, nailed down solid hardwood, vinyl and vinyl plank. Most new multifamily housing, schools and office buildings are now requiring a sound reduction underlayment to go under the finished flooring. This will greatly reduce noise transmission especially for any unit that a unit under it.

PVC Tiles

Our PVC Interlocking tiles are a tough DIY tile made from PVC. You can install them in just a couple of hours and they are easy to clean. We have 13 colors and 3 surface textures. These tiles work well for commercial locations, garages, industrial spaces, Show rooms, airplane hangars and more. When you want something other than rubber our PVC tiles are the perfect answer.


We make custom logos for both our rubber floors and for our turf.
For the rubber we waterjet cut and inlay the logo. For the turf we hand cut and sew in the logos. We can do school names or mascots or any lettering you would like.