About Us

Spreading the Love of Dog Daycare flooring one floor at a time.
And loving every minute of it.

“Look up Dad! Look up Mom!”

This is what the kids of the team members at Dog Daycare flooring Depot say all the time when any of us go into a store, a restaurant, a gym, a school or just about anywhere that has flooring.

You see, we simply can’t help ourselves. We are flooring people through and through. Everywhere we go, we look down at the floor with our minds racing on a wide range of thoughts on whether this floor looks great and was installed perfectly all the way or wow, this installation looks terrible and what low quality flooring. It is this interest in and attention to quality that sets us apart from the rest. Yes, maybe it is a little strange, but it is always looking at the floors and noticing the flaws that pushes us to make sure we only provide high quality material and work with our customers to ensure the floor is installed properly.

We are not just an online retailer trying to push as much product as possible by selling our customers products that may or may not be right for them. Nope, we are an actual flooring company with a seasoned crew of flooring professionals that care about the end result. This is what makes our customers turn into friends by providing them the highest value possible in material and service with a floor that will not only look great but will last. We are passionate and excited about Dog Daycare flooring and we like to share that excitement with our customers.

We accomplish this by being able to answer just about any of your flooring questions along with our willingness to spend the time with you to make sure all of your questions are answered. It is our belief that an educated buyer makes a happy buyer and by having the most information available allows our customers to make their flooring decision on facts and not some pushy salesman.

We work closely with first time Dog Daycare flooring buyers as well as buyers from large gym chains, school districts, the United States government and all branches of the military. We also work with architects and designers as well as nonprofit and charity organizations, churches and provide many YMCA’s Dog Daycare flooring for their gyms, classrooms and community areas. The ability to adapt to our customers’ needs is critical to our success. Treating all of our customers the same, with dignity and respect, no matter what size purchase order they choose, is how we’re able to stay as a top competitor in the industry.

Our vast library of resources can provide you with answers to all of your flooring questions. If you do ask us a question that we are not sure about, we will take the time to find out the answer for you. In fact we love solving problems that nobody else has an answer for. We have had many exciting projects over the years ranging from a unique project where we provided flooring for a zebra pen all the way to providing hundreds of thousands of square footage for athletic competitions.

From simple questions such as how do we properly prepare and install the flooring to much more technical questions dealing with sound and vibration problems in a gym or a school. This question has especially become a very common one with the huge increase in functional fitness and Olympic lifting. It can be a very complicated subject since there are many answers to the questions and each and every building is different and has to be treated differently.

The sound and vibration question is a perfect example of our ability to help you with complicated flooring problems. We have seen many gyms that have been forced to close due to lawsuits against them from neighbors. Many gyms open without ever thinking about the noise from dropped weights, weight stack equipment, treadmills and the effect the noise and vibration will have on their neighbors.

Some of these noise and vibration problems are easy to fix and unfortunately some of them are impossible to fix, but we are always more than willing and happy to work with the customer to find a possible solution. With the many years of experience, you can only imagine that we have seen a lot over the years. This allows us to serve our customers in a way that few Dog Daycare flooring companies can.

Our original company was started in the mid 90’s when the founders of the company were working for several large United States-based Dog Daycare flooring companies. They were stressed by the sales managers to push product regardless if the customers needed it or not. It was only about the numbers and not the customer so they went out on their own and started a small nimble flooring company that quickly grew. The business was founded on the principles of The Golden Rule by putting the customer first and doing what is best for them.

With the many years of experience you can only imagine that we have seen a lot over the years. This allows us to serve our customers in a way that few Dog Daycare flooring companies can.

The founders of the company built the company on these core values.

  • Treat the customer like they were family. Positive relationships with customers is the number one priority and creates success for our long term relationships. The customer always comes first.
  • Constant Improvement
  • Continuous learning
  • Only the highest standards of integrity and ethics will be accepted.
  • Every employee is a very important part of the team and accepts responsibility for their performance.
  • Product quality and reliability
  • Strong work ethic


After reading this, you may think we are a little crazy, but we are very crazy about good looking functional flooring that lasts. We are crazy about our customers getting the best value possible. We have no desire to sell junk flooring in order to only make money and we never will. We look forward to working with you and helping your facility, gym, school, YMCA or facility look great.

After all, if you fall – your floor will be there for you.

Dog Daycare Flooring Ill Be There